To Blog or Not to Blog: Are Blogs Becoming More Popular than Forums, Newsletters and E-zines?

Blogging is hot, and seems to be becoming hotter each month. Although blogging originally was dismissed, by many successful publishers and other online “gurus”, the truth is that now, a few years after the “blogging trend” began, there are actually more blogs and more bloggers online than ever before. Blogging, obviously, is “here to stay”!

Actually first documented in 1997, Web logs initially used the abbreviated version: wee-blog, with a Web log editor referred to as a blogger. Since then, all types of Web logs (blogs) and blogging software have emerged, giving rise to this lucrative and dynamic market.

Now, everything from advertising blogs to zoology blogs exist, with every topic in between apparent online. Political blogs are rampant, and groups of bloggers across the globe post regularly on every topic imaginable.

What does a blog supply that an e-zine, newsletter, or forum might not? What has skyrocketed the popularity of the blog over the past several years?

The answers are really quite simple:

1. Blogs are more highly interactive. Posters get to see the results of a post immediately, as the post appears simultaneously after posting. Posters also don’t have the usual moderation that appears in forums, where posts may be deleted without warning. Usually, in blogs, more freedom is given, and posts are usually accepted no matter what the content, or the topic.

E-zines and newsletters, with their one sided presentation of views, have decreased in popularity with the increase of the popularity of blogs.

2. Blogs are easy to maintain and easy to start. The sheer volume of choices is staggering! Everything from “blogging software” to “blogging services” are available, and even a novice blogger will find blogging quick and easy to do.

3. Blogs are “Search Engine Friendly Food”. Search Engines love blogs, because of the constantly changing content that appears daily. Search Engines are constantly “searching” for new content, and blogs meet this requirement splendidly!

4. Blogs are actually a lot of fun! The entertainment aspects of a blog cannot be dismissed. A great deal of “voyeurism” exists on blogs, where other bloggers continually monitor discussions, both pro and con concerning an issue. Discussions on blogs can be “heated” and interesting, with much repartee occurring daily! Blogs are a rousing form of media, indeed, with many bloggers returning repeatedly throughout a day to view new posts.

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Online MLM Marketing = Online MLM Education

Five Principles of MLM Success from Ana Gabriel Mann

Don’t hit on people.

Do not close people.

Be realistic. Do not make pie-in-the-sky claims.

Do not pitch-answer questions instead.

Education is Power!

These are five principles of growing an MLM business from one of my very successful upline MLM sponsors, Ana Gabriel Mann. I couldn’t agree with her principles more, especially when I apply it to the niche of online MLM marketing. Of course, these principles apply to every method of MLM marketing, but because online MLM marketing is just starting to mature, these principles crucial.

Online MLM Marketing is About Education
Ana’s background is in education. She has two master’s degrees and has been a university professor, so it’s not surprising that her principles of MLM success are basically about education. Having been witness to the kind of three-way calls Ana does with prospects, I can say that she definitely sticks to these educational principles. She never hits on a prospect. She teaches, and only to people who ask to learn.

How do these principles apply to marketing an MLM business online? Exactly the same way. If you look at the people who are successful at building a truly passive income stream from an online MLM business, you will see that they are educators. They teach. They answer questions. They offer prospects a realistic picture of what “working the business” looks like.

Each of these principles are so important for success in online MLM marketing that I’m going to dedicate an to each of them. This article is dedicated to the first principle, “Don’t hit on people.”

Don’t Hit on People to Build Your MLM Business
Here’s what Ana says about hitting on people:

“I don’t believe in the ‘hitters club’ but rather find that ordinary people are the glue of real networks. It’s the little guy who needs $500 to $2000 extra a month that [the] company is built on.”

In a physical setting, “hitting” on people usually means you talk about your business to anyone standing within three feet of you — the “three foot rule.” In an online setting, hitting on people means building online relationships with people only so you can tell them about your business. If you join a forum and all you do is post business opportunity ads, then you are hitting on people. To be a useful member of an online forum, you need to answer other people’s questions, pose thoughtful questions of your own, take surveys, and offer up juicy tidbits of useful information that other people can really use. Do you see the difference?

The successful online MLM marketers educate first. These people write educational articles. They post educational blogs. They answer questions in online forums. They offer educational webinars. They write and give away ebooks. They give always and first.

By doing the same, you demonstrate your MLM expertise through your online presence. Once you have done so, people will be attracted to click on your blog or website links. That’s how you avoid hitting on people online. This is not a baseball game, and you do not need a bat to build your business. You do need knowledge nuggets, words of wisdom, and a unique personality to build your MLM business online. You jive?

Stephanie Valentine has been a successful network marketer for over

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